About Us

This past summer, Lone Crow Audio secured and built out a gorgeous shop in beautiful Sonoma County, California. The retail startup is on its way to becoming the destination for wine country music lovers.

Lone Crow fills a huge gap in the North Bay marketplace. Founded by musicians and audio industry veterans, our purpose is to provide music lovers with the best possible experience, whether that means room-filling sound or private listening with top-quality headphones.

We're no strangers to video either and can put together dazzling systems to serve any purpose or budget. We have a solid network of expert licensed installers and electricians who can tackle any task.

Product lines include Daniel Hertz, Audio Research, Accuphase, Tannoy, PBN Audio, Cardas, HiFi Man, Innuous, Hi-Fi Rose, MoFi, and more, including collectible media and music-related artifacts.

Lone Crow Audio will be a hub for the entire music community, with select screenings of music-themed films and other festive events. Check back here often for updates.